Style Blogs – Representing Individuality

A style blog to me is a channel to inform the audience of one’s opinion, kind of like a book that is forever going to be a work in progress. A little like what I am doing right now typing my opinion about something I am passionate about. For those who persevere it will also document an evolutionary  journey of their style over the years. The reason why I surf the world wide web for everything style is because I want to see how an ordinary girl makes her personality shine through the clothes she wears. For me it is about confidence and attitude and  yes I also want to know how you style your new season Gucci leather studded sandals and if it is worth the investment. This obsession starts with my love for Fashion. I love everything Fashion! Shows, models, accessories, bags, shoes, alter egos, attitude, you name it.

Fashion as you may have read in a million other blogs and articles is a form of Art. Saying that, style without fashion is like going to the movies without popcorn and a drink; totally doable but deep down you know there is something missing. Style enables you to express yourself, identify your individuality and take risks by experimenting with different clothes. If Style is a culture then fashion is a sub culture. People identify themselves in the way they dress. Style is like an adult dress up party, you can be anything you want or anyone you want to be, while fashion dresses you up physically style adds the panache, the individuality, the YOU in to your dress up party. Not just your clothes, but your accessories, how you wear your hair, how you look if you wear makeup, but most importantly how you carry yourself.  Style is an education you gain for a lifetime and decide what you want to listen to.

Looking back 4 or 5 years, I used to be the girl who literally buys everything Zara or Topshop have in their shop floor every season. I love following trends which made me feel like I was part of a cult; I was fashionable and on point.  Growing up, my mum decided what I wear and having the independence to dress any way I wanted later on gave me even bigger boost of confidence. Of course you experiment with fashion and figure out what doesn’t work for you but still you are willing to take a bold step to try something daring or outside your comfort zone. I think my education on individuality and expressing it via my way of dressing has evolved since my high school days. In my late twenties now I appreciate a vintage piece (that comes at a hefty price tag most of the time), the craftsmanship, the quality, how I feel when I wear it etc… It all matters now. I love mixing it up. Zara with a vintage pieces and luxury. For me right now what matters is the story that I am trying to convey, how I want to feel like for the rest of the day.  I am finally figuring out my style mantra.

Let’s get to the ranty observation bit now; I feel that every style blog (or any blog for that matter) targets an audience, or at least will aim to. Your audience visit’s your blog because of you and your brand and because they as the audience like to associate themselves with your brand. Now, is it fair then to style your self in head to toe Louis Vuitton or Dior  ( lets not forget our high street hero’s who are guilty as charged here) because of sponsorship? I have observed that many personal style blogs do a lot of sponsored posts, which is completely understandable as it is one way of making money. But my gripe is when someone who posts about creating a pair of DIY festival denim shorts and wears high and low fashion goes from that to creating  low budget high editorial style content. Unlike 10 years ago, fashion blogs and content has expanded 5 fold, and this is great! It also hasn’t stopped aspiring bloggers from starting their own blogs. My point is I am sure the majority of us who follow style blogs visit these pages because of the bloggers individuality and uniqueness.Kudos to you if you can actually manage to wear head to toe LV on a daily basis but if you are not that person in reality then why are you trying to be that? I am not saying it is morally wrong but I am really baffled by the whole concept of calling it a personal style blog and then have full on editorials. It definitely energises one’s creative juices but at the same time if that is all your blog is about then please take the ‘personal’ out of your personal style blog..

I rest my case.



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