Singapore – City Break

 During a 3 day weekend on a whim we decided to escape buzzing D-town to Singapore. Quite ironical yes it was, we wanted to do as much as exploring as we could, Singapore to date was the most unplanned trip I have ever done, with the few hours remaining to catch the flight we packed, Googled do’s, don’ts’s, worth checking out, not to bother sights etc and also attended S’s leaving do for a few hours. At KL we bought a trusty lonely planet guide and the excitement was literally making me palpitate.  It was such an amazing change, the city was tiny as opposed to some other places I have seen in and yet it was green and lush, clean and organised. The taxi dropped us off at the hotel, We checked in, showered had a change of clothes; and were heading to the hawker street markets for an amazing culinary experience. My life’s passions are a few and deep rooted, I can get a bit too deeply attached to them sometimes. My food is definitely on the top 5, and what a crab it was! Just the way I like my food spicy and hot! Another culinary experience I enjoyed was Killiney Kopitiam (Coffee House in English)  Mr.Raymond the 3rd Generation owner running the shop was old and tiny his wife the same but had a strong personality.

He spoke about his great grandfather fleeing China on a boat to get to Singapore and how how his dad worked hard to keep the coffee house running. Like most Singaporeans Mr.Raymond was a workaholic and it was evident that he loved what he did. If you visit Singapore any day and have a few moments to spare this shop is a must visit their coffees are amazing and so is their paratha and chicken curry combo. My 3 days in Singapore was filled with walking amidst thousands of shoppers on orchard street, passing the luxury Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton Stores that keeps getting bigger in size as I walked farther down the street, relaxed street food experiences at the hawker market, the colourful kovil’s and the Bismillah biriyani experience at little India, holding on to my seat as tight as I could while feeling the wind shaking the cable car on Mount Faber, watching the water and light show take shape behind the backdrop of the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands, trekking the rainforest,taking in the fresh air and climbing the highest peak of Singapore Bukit Timah.

The most Amazing part of my experience was the people. As Lee (2000) in his book third world to First wrote Singapore is truly inspiring and one of the notable examples many others follow in relevance to national development. My belief is that people on an individual level were and still are one of the main dependent factors in its growth.


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